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PB 101 – Parenting One Mistake at a Time

My latest post for Preemie Babies 101 was published on their page yesterday. It’s about sleep. That oh so precious commodity that many moms are severely lacking. Sleep has always been a challenge for us with James. He usually sleeps well once he’s asleep. It’s the getting to sleep and where he sleeps that presents the challenge. For now we’ll address the getting to sleep part. Not ready to tackle the where just yet, but that is coming. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Parenting, One Mistake at a Time

Remember when you had it all figured out? When you knew exactly the kind of parent you would be? You read all the books and had all the answers. You knew what you would do and what you wouldn’t do. You had your list of “nevers.” Some things were negotiable, but these were the things you would absolutely not do. Things good parents definitely didn’t do. Like let your one year old watch television. Heat up anything from a can and call it dinner. And rock your baby to sleep every night. Nope, you had this parenting thing down.

I know I did, right up until real life happened. (read more)

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