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World Prematurity Awareness Day 2016

Every year during the month of November I share photos and memories about James’ premature birth. I’m sure some friends grow tired of the flood of preemie posts, but November is Prematurity Awareness Month. There is no cause more dear to my heart than prematurity.

November 17th is World Prematurity Awareness Day. All around the world monuments are bathed in purple, stories are shared, hope is given to those precious families experiencing the NICU right now. I’ve told James’ birth story in years past, sharing more private information in a public format than I ever imagined I would. I’ve shared photos and thanked his incredible doctors and nurses. This year I wanted James to help spread some hope and shed a little light on prematurity.

Still today, many babies born under 23 weeks gestation are not offered life saving measures. Many hospitals continue to have gestational age cut-offs that leave babies born as early as James without any options.

James’ voice is a testament to hope and possibility. They are my passion. They are what I want neonatologists, NICU nurses, therapists, and parents to see, hope and possibility.

Please take a moment to listen to his voice spread a little hope and show you what is possible when these tiny babies are given a chance.

James, World Prematurity Awareness Day 2016


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