James’ Story: Part 2

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, our lives were forever changed. It was the beginning of what would become our preemie journey. I do have to back up one day however. On July 27th, after about 5 weeks of what finally felt like a normal pregnancy, I had another unusual discharge. This one was very wet and included a piece of tissue. I thought it was odd, but it had happened previously and I was told it was a normal part of pregnancy. So, I went about my day as I normally would. That afternoon I didn’t feel well and began spotting again. I decided to leave work early and call my doctor. I explained what happened and how I was feeling. They advised me to keep the appointment already scheduled for the following afternoon.

On Wednesday I stayed home from work and spent the morning and early afternoon lying down. I was relieved when my husband called and said he’d be able to go to the appointment with me. While we sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office we discussed where we should go for dinner that evening. We had no idea we’d be going straight to the hospital.

Once in the exam room the nurse asked how I’d been feeling. I explained what happened the previous day, and although reluctant at first, I gave her a plastic bag containing the piece of tissue I had saved. She left the room with the small bag, and within just a few minutes she returned and took me for an ultrasound. I wasn’t concerned at first. I had already had numerous ultrasounds at this office, with the specialist, and in the ER. I became concerned during the ultrasound. James wasn’t moving. We heard his heartbeat, but he wasn’t the squirmy little guy that had been difficult to track down during previous appointments. The ultrasound tech didn’t say a lot when I commented on how still James was. She excused herself to go speak with my doctor and returned quickly, indicating Dr. Stevenson would talk with us in the exam room.

I knew something was wrong when she entered the room without a smile. Dr. Stevenson explained that my water broke and there was no amniotic fluid surrounding James. She explained the risk of infection for me and for James, and because of that I was to be admitted to the hospital for bed rest. She emphasized that I could be there a long time, I was just 22 weeks yesterday. She wanted us to make one stop for a high level ultrasound at a doctors office next to the hospital – she had called already and he was waiting for us, then I was to go to labor and delivery to be admitted. She told me she would be by that night to see me. And with that information we began a hurried, tearful drive to Dr Magee’s office.

2 thoughts on “James’ Story: Part 2

  1. Alison, I am glad you are writing your story. I know it will inspire and give hope to others. I love hearing about it and how much strength you all had going through this. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad this story has a happy ending!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. It has been therapeutic for me as I write and remember it all…a little difficult at times, but if it gives even one person a little hope it is worth it.

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