Heart Full of Love

There is one thing I loved about James being born early. Please don’t misunderstand – I didn’t want him to come early and I would give anything for him to have been a healthy, full term baby. But the silver lining for me is the amount of time we were able to enjoy him as an infant. He was small, he was basically bald until last fall, and he didn’t crawl until he was one. He was our baby for so long. I loved it and thought I would be so sad to see him grow up. Boy was I wrong. I love the little boy he has become. And now we get to create memories like these:

0.2 Heart B

1 Rolling (2)

3 Making Dots

5 Rolling and Eating

7 Cutting C


He is growing and  maturing so quickly these days. I am really enjoying this little guy who is running (yes, running!) around the house, trying to talk, exploring everything, and making us laugh all the time. He is an absolute joy. So thankful that I get to be his Mom and watch him grow. No sadness at all as he changes, just completely full of love for my amazing little guy.

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