Flashback Friday

James’ First Bottle Feed, How Far He’s Come!

This is for me. I wanted to remind myself of how far James has come with his feeding. He had a weight check this week and lost an ounce. Still choosing not to be stressed about it, but definitely disappointed. I feel like a good share of our day is spent trying to get James to eat or drink, which he’s done pretty well lately, so the lack of weight gain is puzzling. A little pause, a deep breath, and a look at where he’s come from may be just what I need to keep working at it, and keep the frustration at bay.

The first time James attempted to bottle feed was with his amazing occupational therapist, Chrysty, on December 23. He was just under five months old. She prepared him well for that moment, and he did better than anyone expected. He was a little rock star with the bottle. Just two weeks later he was up to full feeds and we were getting ready to bring our little munchkin home.

Feeding is a lot of work for James. It took months of preparing to get him ready for that successful first feed. It’s taken two years of hard work to get him where he is now. Whatever the future holds with his feeding, I know we have all done everything we can, James included. Right from the beginning he’s done his best, and I certainly can’t ask for more than that.

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