Flashback Friday

Bananas Over Mommy

So the blog has been a little quiet recently. We enjoyed a little mini-vacation visiting some of my family. Should be back on track for June. July will be a little hit and miss as James and I will be out of town for three weeks. I will try to keep it updated however, as some exciting things will be happening – a real vacation, and an evaluation for an out of state feeding program, but more on that as it gets closer.

Here’s one of my favorite NICU photos for Flashback Friday. Love him so much!!

One of my favorite photos from the NICU.

One of my favorite photos from the NICU.

I love this photo. I love his little squished up face and almost smile, and his little fist, looking all strong. He looks like a fighter. As he should, he’s been one right from the start. Most of all I love how he looks in his adorable onesie. He was about three months old and just off the ventilator. There isn’t a whole lot about the NICU that makes you feel like a Mommy. Seeing it spelled out on his shirt, and knowing the word Mommy now referred to me was a powerful moment. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was this sweet boy’s Mommy. How in the world did I get so lucky?!

Happy Friday!

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