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Vacation with James – We Loved Every Bit of It!

My intention was to blog at least a little during our vacation, but that didn’t happen. So today I’m going to post a few photos, and then I’ll get back on track next week with a full update on James’ evaluation at The Kennedy Krieger Institute. (It was even better than I hoped!)

We began our trip by spending a week in Virginia with some of my family. Sadly, I didn’t realize until I was home how few photos I took. But, we have wonderful memories of our time in the country, and loved seeing so many people there. It was the perfect start to our little adventure.

Virginia Collage

Such a fun week with aunts, uncles, and cousins!

From Virginia we took a train ride up to Baltimore where we met up with my youngest brother. So thankful he came down from Vermont to help me out. We had lots of fun exploring the city together. James attended his first baseball game, we ate lots of great food, and James had his evaluation at The Kennedy Krieger Institute.

baltimore collage

Really enjoyed getting a feel for Baltimore. So much to see and do there, can’t wait to go back!

And then we made our way to Vermont. It was so good to be home again. I was filled with such a feeling of peace while I was there. I didn’t realize how much I missed being home, being close to my family, and being in the beautiful surroundings I was lucky enough to grow up in. I’m looking forward to more frequent trips back home, and if anyone knows how to get a Texan out of Texas let me know – I’d love to be living in the northeast again! Until then I settle for lots of visits.

Bennington Collage2

We spent beautiful days at the lake, shopped a little, and I was able to go on a hike with my brother. Couldn’t have been any more perfect!

Vermont Collage

Loved all the time we spent catching up with family and good friends! Thank you all so much. We miss you!

The time away passed much too quickly, as it always does. As much as I loved being up north, it’s good to be back in Dallas, and good for James to be back in a normal routine. He has lots of appointments coming up, a birthday, and school starting at the end of August. A few new things are on the horizon for both of us, and I’m kind of excited to get them underway. Once again, we’re looking forward to all that lies ahead!

2 thoughts on “Vacation with James – We Loved Every Bit of It!

  1. So glad you had a happy time….and even happier James had a great evaluation! We’ve never been to Vermont, but I see it is beautiful and even better…..your roots and FAMILY!!! Our plan is to one day visit somewhere in each state….(on my bucket list!) and when I think of Vermont, I think maple syrup and changing of the leaves!!! I’m thinking you were past due for a nice vacation, with James being so sick earlier this year, and the excitement of “new” things coming for James…. and I’m sure the heat wasn’t anything like the heat in the south!!!! Welcome back, and I look forward to hearing all about James’ new experiences to come!!!!!

    • Hi Debbie! I love the idea of visiting every state. Vermont is so beautiful! The foliage is definitely something to see, but even this time of year it is so pretty. The rolling hills, country side, and small town charm are tugging hard on me. Maybe someday we’ll find ourselves living there again. 🙂 Much to our surprise, they had an incredible heat wave while we were there. 90’s with high humidity and no ac made it feel like we were still in Texas. Oh well, it was still wonderful.
      Thanks as always for keeping up with James. Let us know when you’re in Dallas again!

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