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Making Art at the DMA

Lockdown-free days are here – thank goodness Spring has arrived in Texas! We could do without the seasonal allergies that have all of us a little sniffley, but it’s a small price to pay to get back outside. We’ll take it! Especially when I heard that my friends up north were expecting more snow last weekend. Living in Texas has it’s moments.

It took less than a week of being out in the world again before James was sick, but he’s feeling better now. We’re doing our best to find a balance between keeping him healthy and getting out and around kids. Overprotective? Yep, completely.

James started a new semester of Music Together classes last week. He loves the music, have to see how the classes play out, but more on that another time. We had a fun day yesterday. James did his first “First Tuesday” at the Dallas Museum of Art and just loved it! Here’s a few photos of our sweet boy enjoying his day.

He started with a little painting. He had never used watercolors before, and we didn’t know how cool they looked when you draw with crayons first.

DMA First Tuesday



DMA First Tuesday watercolors


DMA First Tuesday painting


Then we found a place where he could build a piece of art using some cardboard, twist ties, foil paper, and tape. He loved the twist ties and pretty much wanted everything else out of his way.

DMA First Tuesday sculpture


There were lots of different stations where James could explore colors and textures. He did really well navigating through all of these new experiences.

dma color blocks2



dma color light blocks


I think one of his favorite parts of the morning was taking a look at some paintings with Daddy. James was quick to name the colors he saw and even told us some of the objects in the paintings. He got smiles from the sweet people walking near us when he excitedly called out “cow” (which he says very slowly and carefully) when he looked at a painting with a cute little dog. That’s ok buddy, it was a little abstract.

James dma2


James dma3


James had a great morning at the DMA. We’re trying to keeping him busy with more mornings like this. Today he gets his first library card!



2 thoughts on “Making Art at the DMA

  1. Wow!!!! James looks great and it sounds (and looks) like it was a great day!!! Many more of those great days coming your way!!!!

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