My Days With James

The Bounce House

Some experiences are too cool for words, and this was one of them!

Bounce House James

Well, maybe just a few…

James had never been in a bounce house of any kind until just a few days ago. He’s hooked, big time! He had the most amazing smile once he started to figure it out. Even the ‘bounce house guy’ commented on it. Pure joy. I think Daddy and I had as much fun watching him as he had bouncing.









One of the best things to come out of this experience, at least for us, is that we finally figured out what to do for his birthday! (Can you believe he’ll be four in just a few weeks!?!)





Can’t get enough of that smile!





4 thoughts on “The Bounce House

  1. Love Love Love his smile!!!! Who had the biggest smile??? Mom, Dad, James???? I imagine it was a tie all the way around!!!! So glad he enjoyed it so much!!!!

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