A Place for James

Feeling a little raw today after our experience at yet another daycare this morning. Why this is so difficult is beyond my understanding. Parents put their children in daycare everyday.  They find the place and everyone feels like family, they fit in and belong together. They make friends, have play-dates, and go to birthday parties. What are we doing wrong?

“I think one of us needs to quit our job and stay home with James. Seriously.” …was the text I sent my husband when I left the daycare this morning. James spent about 30 minutes with the 2 year olds. After about 20 minutes I was fighting back tears, and soon after just had to leave. I said a very quick thank you to the teachers who had been so sweet and kind to James, and tried to include him in all they did…which was fun stuff. They had a few minutes of play time, then went out to the garden to plant magic pumpkin seeds (which involved throwing pumpkin seeds over a fence). When the kids go to the garden tomorrow they will find pumpkins everywhere. Who wouldn’t love that?! During those 30 minutes James showed off some of his best tricks…throwing toys, bear walking in circles, trying to touch every texture change from the classroom to the garden, and kicking, screaming and falling to the ground when it was time to go in, just to name a few.

So we left. I texted my husband then came home and had a good cry. I emailed the director, apologized for leaving so quickly and thanked her for her time. I spent James’ nap time calling all the “Special Needs” daycares I could find to be told they have waiting lists, or maybe an opening in December, or have closed. A few hours later I received this response to my email:


I visited with my staff.  They are interested in helping James.  If we are unable, we are a place that can get you the help you need.  We believe every child needs a chance and someone to help them.

I assume we will see you on Wednesday.

Maybe we found our place.

4 thoughts on “A Place for James

  1. I am fighting back the tears reading this
    . Yes, James is a little “delayed”, but how many of the two year olds he was with today spent the first 5 months of their life in the Nicu and unable to breath on their own or even breastfeed ? He has made such wonderful progress and will continue to do so. I hope Cliff Temple is the place for him, but if not, you will find the place he is supposed to be at. Love you all.

  2. Please believe that God’s plan is still there when things aren’t going in a way which you understand. When you ask “Why?”, God answers “Trust Me!”. He has a plan! When the time is right, you will understand. Keep faith, the “right place” for James is coming! Prayers continue for you all! Love you guys!

  3. Praying that God will help you find the right place James A. He is precious to me and to so many others; but especially to God. Thankful the “staff” are willing to work with James and seem interested in helping him. That attitude goes a long way. ❤ ❤

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