A Celebration…of sorts

“How’s James doing in daycare?” is one of  the most common questions I receive right now. I love that so many people are interested and hopeful that he’s doing well. And he is doing well. He cries some when I drop him off (and I still do too…), but when he’s picked up he’s happy, smiling, and playing with his friends. Not at all eager to leave. And his teachers love him so much! The most noticeable thing he’s learned so far is to leave a hat (or head-piece of some sort) on his head. I think we have the turkey head-band to thank for this. Whatever the cause, it will come in handy for his upcoming Christmas Card photo…  🙂

My only complaint about daycare is that I wish he could go. He started going three days a week on October 24th. Out of 12 possible days, James has attended 6 1/2 (and he won’t be able to go this week either). And I know…every child is sick when they start daycare. He is completely in the norm on this. But it is really hard to spend a week trying to get him healthy, send him back, and have him home sick again the following week (not to mention, expensive! For those of you without daycare experience, you pay whether he’s there or not…it gets a little pricey when you pay, then have to miss work, or pay, and then have to pay a sitter to stay with him!).

We’ll work out daycare attendance at some point…  The real news is this – Through all this sickness: ear infections, sinus infection, stomach virus, and most importantly, bronchiolitis, James has not required oxygen! Anytime in the past when he’s had an illness affecting his breathing in some way (always with bronchiolitis), he’s had to be on oxygen. Proof that James’ lungs are growing and getting stronger! A doctor who saw him over the weekend while he was in the hospital said his lungs sounded better than some full term healthy kids he’s seen! Wow!! Never thought we would hear something like, especially not while he is still so young. Just over 2 years ago  every NICU doctor (even the ones we loved) told us how bad is lungs were. One even said that between how bad his lungs were and the tiny 2mm breathing tube he needed, there was no way treatment would be life-sustaining. I think we have a reason to celebrate. Love that my little guy is growing into such a strong boy.

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