Flashback Friday

Seizing the Moment

I love looking back at old photos of James. Some bring tears, but many bring smiles and laughter.

During his recent hospitalization, many doctors and nurses commented about the position they found James in most often; looking ready for the beach.

Made me think back to the first time we saw him in that position.


James was about 5 weeks old and still under 2 pounds.

He was usually swaddled, but had a free moment while his nurse went to get something for him.

During that moment he showed us what an amazing free spirit he has.

And he’s shown us many times since.


He makes every moment count.

I have so much to learn from his sweet spirit.

4 thoughts on “Seizing the Moment

  1. That boy really knows how to kick back and relax! It’s amazing how even when they are so tiny and fragile they have so much spirit, and so much to teach us.

    • He sure does Rose! I love watching all our little ones grow – so much changes, but there are some things seen early on that remain. Their personalities come through even when they are so tiny and fighting to live. Your James is so precious! I hope you’re both doing well.

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