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“Naaa” and “Ssss,” Music to My Ears

Most of our days start the same way. James comes pitter-pattering down the hall at some point; sometimes it’s 1 or 2 AM, sometimes it’s 6 or 7 AM. Either way we snuggle for a while (hopefully a long while if it’s 1 or 2). He announces when he’s ready to get up by sitting up in bed, pointing toward the door, and shouting “go.” Well, ok, it mostly sounds like the “g” sound, but I definitely know what he means.

James spends a little time each morning with MIckey Mouse.

James spends a little time each morning with MIckey Mouse.

We spend a little time with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse each morning. This provides a little distraction for James so we can try to get some pediasure in him (the continuing battle with weight gain), and it gives me time for a cup or two of coffee. And really, James is learning a lot from Mickey Mouse.

I enjoy watching James as he watches Mickey. I’m still impressed when he laughs at appropriate times – does he really understand and get the little jokes? And I love when he answers Mickey’s questions. “Can a microphone help us see the spots better?” James replies with a confident, “Naaa.” Probably just routine, but again, making me wonder just how much he understands. Sometimes when they ask about mousekatools James will answer, “Ssss.” He’s carried “Naaa” and “Ssss” over to questions we ask him too, and uses them very appropriately. He sounds like such a big boy saying “Ssss,” when I ask if he wants to look at Pete the Cat, and when he says, “Naaa,” as we try to feed him something he doesn’t want. I can’t believe my little munchkin is saying yes and no, truly amazing to me.

I wasn’t going to be one of those parents that let their child watch much tv. There’s lots of information out there saying how bad it is for children. And I agree to a point. I’m thankful that James is ok when we turn the television off. He moves on to other adventures without missing a beat. But having James has changed my perspective on lots of things, including television. I see him engage with the characters. I see him react to what they’re saying and get excited about what’s happening. I see him learning new sounds and words. Language development has not come easy for James. It is something we have worked really hard on. It brings tears to my eyes every time he says something new. It is huge for him to be saying the words he’s saying and showing the kind of understanding he does. I’ve learned to welcome help for James in any form that’s effective. If Mickey Mouse is contributing at all to James’ language development, then I’m ok with help coming in the form of television. And, how bad of day can you have when you get to do the ‘Hot Dog Dance’ a couple times each morning.

Keep talking little one, you amaze me every day!

4 thoughts on ““Naaa” and “Ssss,” Music to My Ears

    • Thank you so much Summer. I appreciate you posting that article. Very interesting, and it does lessen the guilt a little. The “pause effect” is very powerful. I’m going to try and repost it on my fb page. Thanks also for your kind words.

  1. I agree!!!! Whatever makes James smile, makes you smile!!!! And I agree with you on the television. My youngest nieces, they are 7 and twins almost 4, have learned alot with television. Monitored of course. Sesame Street was the best for the oldest, and Dora and Mickey were best for the twins. They were even counting in Spanish with Dora….hard for us because we are French speaking as our second language here, but that is o.k. Another thing that my nieces learned alot from was an Ipad. Now I will be quick to tell you, I don’t have an Ipad, I don’t even have an Iphone!!! I know, I know, I’m not with the times, but they can operate both of them. And they learn so much from the games on both. And another for us is books, books, books. We love to read, so reading with them is mandatory. Especially for bedtime. Only problem is they all want different books, and they want to read them to the end!!!! So enjoy all these learning times with James. As much as he is amazed with and enjoys cartoons and characters, big kids (us!) are amazed that the wonderful gift God gives us…..children! God bless and enjoy the Easter holiday!!!

    • Thanks Debbie, I always appreciate your comments and insight. We do not have an ipad either, but he does like to play with my phone a little. Haven’t found the best apps for him yet, still searching for some good ones. Sounds like you have fun reading lots of books. I’m glad James enjoys books too. He isn’t one for listening to the story yet, but he does love to look at pictures. And you’re right, we are amazed every day by him and the incredible gift he is. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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