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Here’s to New Beginnings and Petting Zoos

It’s been a big couple of weeks around here. So many new things happening all at once. No wonder James is experiencing some anxiety. Poor little munchkin. I’m so grateful to the wonderful instructors at Music Together Dallas who are helping us work through his anxiety so he can enjoy music class again. Thursday we try a little trickery with a new location. We’ll see how it goes and take it from there. I was so sad when the gagging showed up at riding therapy today. Since that location can’t change, hopefully we’ll find some coping strategies to get us through. The little yellow rubber duck that his instructor handed him today seemed to work. If it stays that simple we’re set!

Over the past week James has been evaluated for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy by Easter Seals. Really impressed with the therapists and staff, and have heard nothing but good things about their program. James will be starting all three, twice a week, in just a couple of weeks. I’m so encouraged by their insight into his development, and think it will make a huge difference. I’m excited that he’s going to get this boost before starting preschool in August. I think it’s exactly what he needs.

Music Class, Riding Therapy, evaluations for PT, OT, ST, and Story time at the library (which he totally rocked last week!). All getting underway within the last three weeks. After a winter of only leaving home for doctor’s appointments, I’d experience a little anxiety, too. Absolutely no regrets though. We kept James healthy all winter. He’s making great strides in his development, and growing up right before our eyes. We’ll work through these little bumps in the road and be on our way in no time.

And don’t worry, it’s a lot of therapy, but we’re having lots of fun, too! We had a really fun day at The Gentle Zoo recently. (If you’re local they are definitely worth checking out!) Here are a few photos of our sweet boy in action. He was all smiles!

Feeding a Pig, Gentle Zoo


Feeding, The Gentle Zoo


goat, The Gentle Zoo


exploring, The Gentle Zoo


Riding Airplane, Gentle Zoo


red tire, The Gentle Zoo


crawl tube, The Gentle Zoo


tire tube, The Gentle Zoo


Running around at the farm definitely agreed with him! We’ll be going back – hopefully for an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. Stay away rain!!


2 thoughts on “Here’s to New Beginnings and Petting Zoos

  1. Love Love Love!!! Looks like everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!!!! Go James! Glad he is doing so well, and when James is well, Mom and Dad are too!!! Happy Easter!!!!

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