Life After NICU

Life in Tennessee; Adjusting to Our Move

James rolls with most things, we’re very fortunate in that regard. He had a couple of weeks when screaming increased, he didn’t sleep well, and he would lead me to the car and want to “go.” Heartbreaking for sure. He’s good now, though. When we pull up in our driveway he exclaims, “We’re home!” (Or says, “Uncle Dennis!” because he loves visiting his Uncle Dennis. I try not to be offended when he’s looking for Uncle Dennis, but it’s just me coming home from work.) Days without my munchkin are actually going ok. I definitely miss him, but thinking about leaving him all day was more difficult than actually doing it. Still makes me sad sometimes. Especially the other morning when he got up before I left for work and wanted to be held…just tear my heart out little man.

photoJames is thriving. We were all a little concerned his development would drop off being away from therapy for a bit, but that’s not the case at all. He’s understanding more, saying more, and, oh my gosh, counting so much more! This boy loves his numbers. He’ll be evaluated by the school district next week. Very curious to see what they have to say about his development. The following week we see an amazing autism specialist – thank you Uncle Dennis for setting that up! Hoping for a little direction and insight into some of our challenges with James.

All in all the move has been really good. We love the house, love spending our weekends staying busy with Den and Tracy, and we’re enjoying the beautiful rolling hills and country side of Tennessee. I could not ask for a better job to dive into after being home for almost two years. Our little six-person department is like a family. Really fantastic people I work with. To my surprise, I like spending the day in one place rather than driving all day. I really love that I have a job that doesn’t consume my life. When I head home at 3:30 I don’t think about my job again until the next work day. After 11 years of paperwork at home and working all hours of the day and night, it’s truly a beautiful thing.

The one thing that will make this even better is Andy’s arrival in Tennessee. He’s had the very difficult job of staying behind and getting the house sold. It’s been hard. Not just all the work he’s doing on and in the house, but being separated from his little man for weeks, again. It’s a sacrifice, and we appreciate it more than he knows!

Tennessee has been good to us so far. Watching these days unfold is like exhaling after a deep breath. There’s a calmness, and a sense that all is well. This is where we’re supposed to be at this moment. Time will tell where it leads.


2 thoughts on “Life in Tennessee; Adjusting to Our Move

  1. Keeping you, James and Andy in my thoughts and prayers. I am proud of all of you; all three of you just do what you have to do and I pray for God to be with you and guide you each step of the way. May the good Lord bless and keep you ’til we meet again. Take care and God bless you real good. I love you “guys.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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