Life After NICU

Baltimore, Day 1

Counting down the final minutes of our first day.

We made it.

I’m hoping this is the toughest it’ll get, although I’m not entirely convinced that will be the case.

A few of my favorite things from today:

  • Everyone is incredibly kind. Seems a little cliché to call that one of my favorite things, but when you’re doing something scary, kindness is a big deal.
  • We have a roommate and I think we have the better half of the room. Feel a little bad for them, but smiling for us.
  • James ate some food during his first feed today.
  • The doctors are flexible. James has a plan for feeds, but it was prefaced with “If you try this and don’t like it, we’ll change it tomorrow.”
  • They respect nap time.
  • There’s a Keurig in the Parent Lounge.
  • A therapy dog named Olive came to meet James tonight.
  • His team wants answers to the same questions we want answers to.

A few ‘eh’ things:

  • We have a roommate. May actually be a good thing though since I tend to isolate myself in unfamiliar situations.
  • Our roommate’s Dad is staying with him. Was really hoping for another Mom I could bond with.
  • The parent bathroom and shower are down the hall.
  • His bed makes me nervous, not sure how much sleep I’ll be able to get. Hopefully we can do something different with his sleeping arrangements tomorrow.
  • They’re doing overnight feeds. Not a big fan because he moves around so much at night and gets tangled in his lines, but, if I really don’t like it they’ll change it tomorrow.

It’s not perfect, but what is? What matters is that the important things are on the right list, and so far they are.

One thought on “Baltimore, Day 1

  1. Hi Alison and James!!!!! First day down already!!!! Lots of good stuff!!! Sounds like College 101 again!!!! (well almost, that is!) Glad there was more on the positive side than the negative! Praying for lots positive things each and every day! And lots and lots of food consummed by James! Smile!!!!

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