Life After NICU

World Prematurity Awareness Day 2014

Today is World Prematurity Awareness Day. In honor of that I created a little video that highlights photos of James and his journey after being born early. I was aware of prematurity before James was born, but I didn’t fully understand the impact prematurity can have on a child and family until we went through it ourselves. It seems every cause has an awareness day or month now. They start to lose their meaning as more and more pop up, but this one I will celebrate and support.

Being aware of prematurity is so much more than knowing it exists. For me, I want people to know that it’s impact is far and wide. It doesn’t end when or if the baby comes home from the hospital. It’s a lifelong journey that changes all the time.  It is the most beautiful, terrifying, and heart wrenching experience you can imagine. It takes courage and strength to get through most days. It would be nearly impossible to survive this journey without the love and support of family and friends.

So on this day I say thank you. This is what your love and support has done for us and for James.

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