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Soccer Mom, Ok, But No Minivan!

Super Excited!

Can’t wait for our first Team Photo!

At least not yet…

I am so happy and excited right now I could burst. We’ve been looking for activities to get James involved with in our community. Hoping to find something that’s fun for him, and something that works on developmental goals and social skills. It’s proven to be a little more difficult than it should be, but I think we found a great place to start.

We were rejected by the first organization I emailed. I explained that James has a communication delay and may need some assistance in order to be successful. I offered to find and pay for a “buddy” that would give him one-on-one support and help him stay focused. We were told that their organization wasn’t a good match for what we were seeking. That stung a little. And the next one we looked into has a two-year waiting list. Seriously! I still can’t believe that.

A coworker mentioned we should sign James up for T-Ball in the spring. Sounds fun, and we will definitely look into it, but May feels like forever away. While I was researching T-Ball I found the Murfreesboro Soccer Club. Soccer may be the perfect activity for a little guy with lots of energy, and it starts in February. Just enough time to get James ready.

Their webpage looks very professional, so I emailed again just to make sure it would be a good fit. This was their response:


                We would love to have James participate this coming spring in our U5 program. Our program is geared around providing the children a safe and fun place to learn the game of soccer. We do have volunteer coaches and would welcome you or your husband to help coach James. Our teams are comprised of 5-6 children. The only duties a coach will need to perform would be to help disseminate information to his or her team members, be available on game days, and have a fun positive attitude towards children. The actual coaching is done by our trained staff.

I would love to discuss this in more detail and, again, we would love to have James participate. Please do not hesitate in contacting directly at my numbers below.

Have a blessed holiday season,

Stephen F. St. Amour

Not a big deal for most, but I was holding back tears of joy. They said yes! James gets to play soccer and we get to do it together. I’m their newest volunteer coach. I hope it’s not too late to ask Santa to bring James a soccer ball for Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Soccer Mom, Ok, But No Minivan!

  1. This is WONDERFUL!!!! And yes, I cried too!!!! Go Coach Alison and Coach Andy!!!! Perfect for James! I know it will be so much fun for all of you! And I am sure Santa will fulfill his duties!!! Yay!!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. This is great!!!! It will be a great outlet for James to play, use up energy and meet new friends. Sounds like TN is working out. Happy for you!

  3. It’s little things in life that matter so much! That makes me happy for you guys! You are going to be an awesome soccer mom/coach! Congrats.
    P.s. I think Santa would agree that James has been an exceptionally good child this year.

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